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  • Attain That Coveted
    Work-Life Balance

    Find out why webcams and emails are overrated, and learn how to lead high-performing meetings.

  • Lead Teams With
    Impact & Authority

    Learn how to lead high-performing and engaged distributed teams.

  • Create Successful Projects
    Over A Distance

    Be fierce in your quest for accountability and learn how to run a great retrospective.

Produce Results

An Intro to Remote Project Management


Building High-Performing Organizations That Thrive
in the Virtual Workplace

Remote work subject matter experts Cynthia Watson and Shane Spraggs worked with Forbes Books to create this comprehensive manual for leading and working remotely.

This highly anticipated book unlocks the secrets to making virtual teams and remote work efficient.

Virtira Academy subject material is mined from best practices used by Virtira Consulting in over 1,500 engagements with Fortune 500 companies.

The Power of Remote provides a comprehensive roadmap for the countless companies and managers looking to take advantage of this workplace evolution.


Jason Vale
CEO Juice Master Ltd

Every business on planet earth was affected by the 2020 global pandemic. The biggest paradigm shift in business was the displacement of people from the communal office to their urgently created home offices.

We were forced to reinvent, restructure and rethink our traditional working approach.

The Power of Remote will give you the tools to navigate this new territory and create, support and manage a thriving remote team.

Tanveer Naseer, Inc.
100 Leadership Speaker, award-winning author, and co-author of Leadership Vertigo.

The Power of Remote provides leaders with a much-needed roadmap to create remote workplaces where organizational objectives are met, and employees feel a greater sense of connection to what they do and who they work with.

From how to build a healthy organizational culture in remote work environments to changing how and what we communicate to foster greater employee ownership and collaboration, Watson and Spraggs offer tools and insights that will help expand your leadership toolkit to meet the changing needs and demands arising from this new world of work.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach, New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, and other books.

Managing remote work is one of the most important topics for businesses today.

With so much misunderstanding around the shift from in-person to remote work. The Power of Remote comes at the perfect time — and with all the right information.

A must-read!